Everything has its value so nothing must go to waste. This is a principle Phoebus Amusement Park esteems itself. This is the premise of establishing the Scrap Crafts Shop, a merchandise of creative and quality arts and crafts from residual wastes.

As the name suggests, the Scrap Crafts promotes recycling of wastes into more economically valuable crafts. This simple but creative innovation to wastes offers huge impacts to the environment, especially if these crafts enter the mainstream market. Not only recycling reduces the volume of wastes going to its disposal and the cost this accompanies, but it also provides alternative livelihood to its constituents. It also encourages innovation and creativity among the people, boosting the social participation towards environmental sustainability.

Moreover, business ventures like Scrap Crafts are encouraged and are
mandated by the government. In Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, the government supports establishments which will “develop and adopt innovative processes that shall recycle and re-use materials”. As Eco-Warriors, let us support Scrap Crafts!