Organic Gardening by Farm O’Ganics continues to prove that farming using natural fertilizers brings more benefit as a whole rather than tampering pests and diseases problems with short-term effects of pesticides and synthetic chemicals, an advocacy to attain environmental sustainability.

By definition, sustainability is the responsible use of the environment for socio-economic benefit without compromising its long-term quality. In Farm O’Ganics’ Organic Garden, rich composts from various eco-technologies available increase soil fertility and moisture capacity, and reduce leaching contamination and soil erosion, replacing environmentally destructive synthetic pesticides. Economic analysts also prove that producing natural fertilizers enables farmers to save financially, not counting the high quality of produce upon refraining the use expensive pesticides for plant growth. Finally, it promotes healthy living among its constituents, especially farmers who should have been more exposed to these hazardous chemicals leading to severe health complications.

Phoebus Amusement Park envisions a sustainable, well-managed community living harmoniously with its environment. Now this vision begins here, one village at a time.