Frequently Asked Questions

Ecopedia Adventure

What are the rules inside the Discovery Gardens?

The Discovery Gardens is like a museum of living plants. The following policies were designed to protect the plant collection and enhance the experience of all visitors:

  • Absolutely no picking of flowers, no touching of plants, no walking in planted beds, and no climbing on trees.
  • Absolutely no smoking.
  • Do not bring any food or beverages in the Garden. They are allowed within the food area premises only.
  • Walk on the pathways only. Avoid stepping on the lawn.

Commercial and wedding photography is only permitted by prior arrangement.

Do you sell plants?

Yes, the Garden Fair sells seeds, seedlings, and plants planted here in the Discovery Garden. For souvenirs, drop by the Happy Mansion Souvenir Shop.

How long will it take for me to complete the whole Ecopedia Adventure?

The Ecopedia Adventure around three pitstops – Discovery Gardens, Farm O’Ganics, and Trashonomics – will only  take about 1 ½ hours to complete the whole tour, so you will have more time to enjoy  the rest of the  attractions inside the Phoebus Amusement Park.


What are the ticket prices?

Ticket prices are as follows:

  • P280 : Age 6-17 (20% Junior’s Discount)
  • P350 : Age 18-59 (Regular Rate)
  • P280 : Age 60 & UP (20% Senior’s Discount)
  • P280 : PWD (20% Discount)


  • P150 : Additional Payment for Day Tour to avail of all Night Attractions and activities

5 years old & below are FREE.

How do I pay?

There are several payment options to choose from, which we advise rather than walk-in payments due to the limited number of accommodations in the park.

  • Over-the-Counter Bank Deposit

Bank of the Philippine Islands

Account Name: Phoebus Amusement Park, Inc.

Account No.: 0051-0015-04

  • Pay Cash at Satellite Office (3/F Blue Building, JMC Complex, Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway, Davao City, Philippines 8000 (Beside JMC/ Davao Airport)
  • Pay Cash upon Arrival (Camp William, Purok 3, Brgy. Tamayong, Calinan District, Davao City, Davao Del Sur, Philippines 8018, adjacent to Prayer Mountain)
  • Pay Online via Credit/ Debit Card (Reserve & Pay Tickets at
  • Pay Online via PayPal (Reserve & Pay Tickets at
How do I reserve tickets online?

Go to, then input “Promo Code” given by the Marketing Staff assisting you. If none, click “No Promo Code.” Proceed to filling out the form.

You may also SEND your Name, E-mail & No. of Guests with their respective ages to any Marketing Staff assisting you. If none, please revert to VIA ONLINE reservation at

What is a promo code?

Guests registering online will be given a promo code. Please keep the promo code for future discounts and privileges at  Phoebus Amusement Park.

Is there any discount available for PWD and senior citizens?

There is 20% discount for PWD and senior citizens.  Minors 17 years and below are also entitled to   a 20% discount. It is a must to present an I.D. to avail of the discount, otherwise, the Regular Entrance Fee will be imposed. The list of ticket prices can be found here. [hyperlink]

What if I failed to bring my I.D.?

Visitors who failed to present an I.D. especially those who would want to avail discounts will pay the Regular Entrance Fee.

Do you offer group discounts?

YES! For every group of ten (10) paying individuals, you receive one free Regular Pass!

Why should I book and buy my tickets online?

Booking and buying tickets online is recommended to avoid long lines which will hamper your Phoebus Park experience. Walk-in participants might not be able to enter the park because of the limited number of visitors that shall be accommodated every day. As you book online, you will know what dates are still vacant or already full.

Are the tickets refundable and transferrable?

The tickets are transferrable but NON-refundable, rain or shine.

What if I already paid online but was not able to show up on my booked date? Can I still enter the park on another date?

Tickets are transferrable to other dates but are NON-refundable.

Who can I contact if I have questions about ticketing?

You can contact Phoebus Amusement Park Management at 09568317088 (Globe) or 09983770022 (Smart), email us at, or message us on Facebook at for questions regarding ticketing.

Policies and Restrictions

Is there a dress code?

Yes, there is. In respect of the nature of the place as a prayer compound, we impose a strict dress code. Short skirts, short pants, rubber slippers, ripped jeans, sleeveless, skimpy and flimsy clothes are strictly prohibited inside the compound.

NO Compliance means NO Entry.

Can I bring food and drinks to the Park?

Foods bought outside the park are strictly prohibited within the premises. Bottled water is allowed, provided that you will dispose of garbage properly on the trash bins provided.

Can I bring drinking alcohols and cigarettes inside?

Absolutely NO cigarettes and drinking alcohols within the park’s premises. The stores are not selling alcoholic beverages or cigarettes. There are also no allotted smoking areas inside the park.

Any reminders?
  1. Bring VALID IDs to avail of the Junior’s & Senior’s Discounts.
  2. Present the ORIGINAL Proof of Ticket Payment upon arrival.
  3. Observe Proper DRESS CODE. No Sleeveless, shorts & slippers.
  4. Be ready for more PAID attractions inside the Theme Park.
  5. Bringing of food from OUTSIDE source is not allowed.

6. For inquiries & clarifications, CONTACT the hotline numbers.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
  1. You can contact Phoebus Amusement Park Management at 09568317088 (Globe) or 09983770022 (Smart) for further  questions.


What are the must see attractions at the Phoebus Amusement Park?


  • Discovery Gardens
  • Farm O’Ganics
  • Trashonomics
  • The Grand Street Carnival
  • Fancy Street
  • 3District
  • Animalandia
  • Food Village
  • Playtopia (Paid Attraction)
  • Teatro De Luces (Paid Attraction
  • Art Ville (Paid Attraction)


  • Christmas Village
  • The Christmas Grand Parade
  • The Amazing 3D Mapping Show
  • Glow Gardens
  • Fancy Street
  • 3District
  • Illuminated Zoo
  • Bailes Brillantes
  • Food Village
  • Playtopia (Paid Attraction)
  • Teatro De Luces (Paid Attraction
  • Art Ville (Paid Attraction)
Are the rides and attractions at the park free and included in my entrance ticket?

There are some paid attractions inside the park that you should not miss like Teatro de Luces which features Black Light Theatrical performance, Artville, and adventure attractions found in Playtopia. Other attractions are free.

What is the Amazing 3D mapping show?

3D Mapping is a technology used to turn objects such as buildings, statues, or theatrical stages into a display surface for video projection. These objects are spatially mapped by specialized software so that the image to be projected would fit onto the surface of that object, creating marvelous optical illusions and notions of movement. 3D mapping projections often come with audio material to create stunning audio-visual narratives.

Phoebus Amusement Park is the only thematic destination in the Philippines that changes its 3D mapping show periodically to fit the current celebration or season.  It is an educational as well as an entertaining experience that should not be missed, especially by your kids. Such a show will be remembered by young minds all their lives.

Where can I buy food?

Phoebus Amusement Park has its Food Village where a vast selection of foods from meals and grills to snacks, desserts and drinks are displayed, and a lot more  you can choose from. On top of that, there is the Martha’s Restaurant which offers catering services for group of families and friends, and David’s Coffee Shop  and Stonehouse cafe perfect for those who would like to enjoy the serenity of the place.

Park Information

Where are you located?

Phoebus Amusement Park is located at Camp William, Purok 3, Brgy. Tamayong, Calinan District, Davao City, Davao Del Sur, Philippines 8018, adjacent to the Prayer Mountain.

How do I get to the Phoebus Amusement Park?

By private car:

From Davao City proper, drive to Calinan District town proper. Look for Jollibee Calinan. Once at Jollibee Calinan, turn left going to Kalye Apike. Follow this road until you get to Brgy. Wangan where you will see a Petron gasoline station and a convenience store standing at the corner. Turn right and drive straight ahead until you reach Phoebus Amusement Park which is also called The Covenant Mountain and Prayer Garden of Eden Restored or The Prayer Mountain.  Allow at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours travel from downtown Davao City. It takes about 17 to 20 minutes from Calinan to The Villages.

(Please DO NOT use GPS or apps like Waze to locate The Prayer Mountain.  Directions are not accurate and can lead you to difficult roads.  Please follow the given directions instead as this is the easiest way to get to The Villages.  The roads are safe and cemented all the way.)

By public transportation:

From Bankerohan, you will find many vans and/or jeeps that travel to Calinan. A terminal is located in the area. The vans will stop at an endpoint terminal in Calinan. From the terminal, you can ask where you can get a tricycle going to Brgy. Tamayong. Fare is P30 per head, but if you ask to be taken to the gate of The Villages, you will have to pay P50.  Some tricycles agree to “pakyaw” (pay for the entire tricycle) and charge P200 for the whole ride.  You can also arrange for them to pick you up after the event.

Phoebus Amusement Park provides free shuttle service on certain days.  Be sure to call your customer care representative or booking officer for confirmation.

Are there hotel accommodations nearby?

Phoebus Amusement Park offers Camp William wherein you could book for reservations regarding accommodations and overnight stays. Apart from the Camp William, there are no nearby hotels within Brgy Tamayong. For queries about accommodations, you may contact the Phoebus Amusement Park Management at 09568317088 (Globe) or 09983770022 (Smart).

What are the room rates at Camp William?

Spend your holiday breaks at  the Camp William’s furnished container vans with comfortable room amenities. These are just a few steps away from the Park. Enjoy your stay!

  • Room with Private CR – P500/Head
  • Room with Common CR – P400/Head
  • Camping Tents – P300/Head
What are the park hours?

Phoebus Amusement Park welcomes all its visitors as early as 8:00AM and closes at 9PM. The park will temporarily close at 3:00PM to 4:00PM and shall request all visitors to vacate its premises as Phoebus Amusement Park will be preparing for its night activities and parades.

How much is the parking fee?

The parking fee at Phoebus Amusement park is free, but of first come, first served basis.

Is it cold? Do I need to bring jackets and shawls ?

One of the attractions at Phoebus Amusement Park is its cool fresh mountain breeze. It is advised that you bring jackets and shawls because it is really going to be cold especially at night. Also, you might want to bring umbrellas because of unpredictable weather.


Do you have security in the Park?

Yes, the compound is fully equipped with the best security personnel and CCTV cameras. The barangay itself is assessed as a safe area. Since the compound was built in the year 2000, it has had no trouble of any kind. During the duration of the event, we also have security personnel stationed at every barangay along the way.

Can I bring my pet to the Park?

Pets are NOT allowed within the premises of Phoebus Amusement Park.

Are there ATMs in the Park?

Currently, there are no ATMs available within the park. We advise you to do banking transactions before your scheduled date.

Are you organizing Christmas Parties inside the Park?

Let’s do your Christmas Parties inside the Phoebus Amusement Park! Choose from our delectable cuisines and enjoy the free use of our party venues with complete set-up and amenities. For a minimum of 50 Pax, enjoy your Christmas Parties at P450/Head only! For inquiries, please contact Phoebus Amusement Park Management at 09568317088 (Globe) or 09983770022 (Smart), email us at, or message us on Facebook at

Are you organizing other parties outside the Park?

Yes! Here is the complete list of services along with the corresponding rates.

  • PHP 5,000/3 Hours à One (1) Mascot
  • PHP 10,000/3 Hours à Three (3) Mascots
  • PHP 5,000/3 Hours à Giant Slide
  • PHP 5,000 up à Themed Decorations
  • PHP 2,000 up à Balloon Twisting
  • PHP 3,500 up à Party Host and Game Master
  • PHP 350 up à Catering Services (live-out)

For inquiries, please contact Phoebus Amusement Park Management at 09568317088 (Globe) or 09983770022 (Smart), email us at, or message us on Facebook at

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