Eco-Composting Receptacle (ECR) is one of the most efficient technologies in composting biodegradable wastes while minimizing operating costs and negative effects to the immediate environment, unlike other conventional composting techniques. ECR is cheaply constructed using bamboo poles and sticks with an optimum width of one meter and extended lengths to accommodate large volumes of wastes. After a year of ‘curing’, a rich and stable compost is harvested which is readily available to organic farmers.

ECR employs elevated composting to encourage aeration, eliminating the production of foul odor from methane gas, a greenhouse gas resulting from anaerobic decomposition. It also prevents common housefly problems. According to studies, maggots do not metamorphose to houseflies in ECR due to the abundance of decaying food; they instead die as maggots which contribute to the rich compost produced. Finally, ECR promotes the natural course of composting, removing costly mechanical interventions like waste shredding and mixing.

Trashonomics fully utilizes this promising technology, as an evidence that man can truly live harmoniously with his environment where all of his resources for living come from.