The Million Lights

The spectacle of lights and limitless amazing attractions of this Night Theme Park will leave you in awe. Have a merry holiday and hop in to The Villages! Tag along your family & friends & get your tickets now!

Christmas Village

Cold winds blowing, lanterns sparkling, snowflakes falling, Santa Claus smiling. It’s Christmas time once again in The Villages!

Glow Gardens

Enter into a different world of fantasy filled with dazzling flowers and dancing fairies! Behold the wonder as the whole Garden illuminates

Illuminated Zoo

Bask in awe as you enter the Land of the Glimmering Fauna! Welcome to the Illuminated Zoo!

Bailes Brilliantes

When the bright lights begin grooving to the music, what spectacular performance it will be! Dance along with lights here in Bailes Brilliantes

Teatro de Luces

Lights, camera, action! If entertainment is
what you seek, Teatro De Luces is for you!
Watch splendid talents come together and
perform at The Villages.

Fancy Street

Better be cool, better be fancy. Wear something gritty, then let’s go fiery! The Fancy Street’s bringing colors into life here at Phoebus Amusement Park!


Guest travelers, are you up for fun and adventure? You’re in the right place. Enjoy is the only word known in the Playtopia.

Art Ville

Materialize your abstract imaginations
and create your own masterpiece here at
Art Ville!


When your eyes begin to play trick on you, you see a mind-bogglingly bizarre world! A new dimension reveals by the 3District, so you better drop by.

Food Village

Tired after a day’s journey across all the villages? The Food Village’ll do the job. The Villages presents you its super affordable & vast selection of delicious snacks and meals that everyone awaits! Drink and dine as you please, your majesty.



8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

The Villages

4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Camp William


How to get there?